Creature Name: Sidehopper (side haw per)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 150 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Sidehoppers are one of the dominant predators on Zebes. It has the habit of waiting for a creature to walk up. The creature seems to be out of range and safe, but the Sidehopper then leaps an incredible distance, repeatedly pouncing on its prey with sharp claws and biting it until it is dead. Smaller and weaker juvenile forms of the Sidehopper also exist. Sidehoppers reproduce asexually, giving birth to one live young at a time. This baby starts hunting small creatures as soon as it is strong enough to leap. The parent will take care of it until then, and then abandons it.

Through Mother Brain's genetic engineering, the pirates were able to manipulate many creatures in an attempt to improve on their functionality. The Sidehopper was one of the few success stories. Due to intense Beta Ray exposure, the Sidehopper DNA mutated. In this form, its armor has a blue coloration and it develops psychotic tendencies at an early age. Besides its increased ferociousness, the blue Sidehopper has much stronger and denser armor. Only a handful of viable offspring were produced from irradiated adults. One individual had much stronger armor, but also much more violent tendencies, than the others. It has been called the super blue Sidehopper.

Due to their psychotic behavior and super strong armor, pirate computer simulations indicated blue Sidehoppers would wipe out most large creatures on Zebes. This was considered unacceptable as these creatures were needed to stop intruders. For that reason all blue Sidehoppers were sealed in lower Tourian as a last line of defense. The one super blue Sidehopper was sealed in a separate room to keep it from killing the others.