Creature Name: Skree (sk ree)
Height: 1.5 m
Wingspan: 1.5 m
Mass: 12 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Skree is an unusual predatory organism on Zebes. It is a slow flier, incapable of outrunning prey. To catch prey, it flies up and anchors itself to the roof of a tunnel. It then patiently waits for prey to pass underneath. When unobservant prey approaches, it dive bombs its target. If it misses, it would be left vulnerable to counterattack. So if it does miss, it immediately burrows into the ground, tossing up rocks on the way down to hurt and confuse its prey. It has a hard exoskeleton, but the exoskeleton is jointed with softer tissue so it does not offer much defense.
Skrees reproduce asexually. They give birth to live young, which immediately burrow into the ground and hide there until they are large enough to hunt on their own.