Creature Name: Sova (soe va)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 55 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Sova is a crawling creature much like the Geemer, Zeela, Sciser, Zero, and Viola. The Sova is rather fast and hard for predators to attack. The Sova has a dense mat of fireproof hair on its back. These hairs are thick and hollow, with thousands of small holes on each strand. The follicles of these hairs secrete highly flammable oil through the hollow center, and this oil seeps out through all the tiny holes, where it is ignited by the intense heat of the air in Norfair. This fire offers an effective protection from the more dangerous predators in Norfair. Sovas breed sexually, with the females laying unfertilized eggs and the males
fertilizing the eggs as they pass over. The young soon hatch and burrow into the ground until their hair grows long enough and ignites. Sovas feed on lichens and mosses that grow on the walls and ground of