Name: Tatori (ta toe ree)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 300 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Tatori is one of the most heavily armored creatures on Zebes. It has a thick armored shell that covers most of its body, and its relatively unprotected legs and head still have way too much armor for any Zebian creature to bite through. Tatori is a herbivore, feeding on the plants that live in the marshlands of western Maridia. It is generally slow and sluggish, walking along and slowly munching on plants. However, Tatoris have developed a method of moving at high speed when necessary. Tatori shells hide a rather powerful antigravity system that allows the Tatori to float above the ground. Tatori also has small jets at its backside and a series of small jets around the edge of its shell. To move, that Tatori retracts its 6 legs and its head, levitates itself, then uses the jets to start it spinning. This spinning gyrostabilizes the creature, allowing it to stay on course more easily. The spinning also does more damage to any creature unlucky enough to be in an angry Tatori's path. To move, the Tatori releases carefully timed pulses of its rear-facing jets to get it moving in the correct direction.

Tatori's reproduce asexually. It keeps the eggs it produces inside its shell until they are ready to hatch, giving birth to live young. Usually a number are born at a time. Mothers watch and take care of the babies until they are strong enough to resist all predators on Zebes. Tatoris are very intelligent, and the babies need to be taught what to eat, what predators are dangerous, and even how to fly. The young are already armored at birth, able to withstand attacks from many top predators in Maridia. Their armor only gets tougher with age. Nevertheless, the Tatori babies are a little more vulnerable, and the mother is very protective of them. Any creature that the mother gets the slightest hint wants to hurt its babies will be attacked instantly. Tatori's favorite method of attack is to ram its target. Tatori's huge mass, and thus huge momentum, means that even a glancing hit will hurt the toughest Zebian predators. A direct hit will cripple or kill pretty much any creature on Zebes.