Name: Torizo (toe ree zoe)
Height: 3.7 m
Mass: 410 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Torizo is a biomechanical security system developed by the Chozo to protect some of their most important artifacts from intruders. Made in their own image, the Torizo mimics exactly the look of one of the Chozo's artifact statues. Torizos were generally coated in a cement-like material that has the same look and texture as the stone the artifact statues were carved out of. When the Torizo detects an intruder, it activates, breaking out of the cement disguise and attacking the intruder immediately. Torizos contain both organic components and mechanical ones. The central computer system and sensor suite in the head are both electronics. The musculature, repair tissue, and outer armor are living tissue. The Tissue is genetically engineered, based on DNA from various creatures on Zebes. Torizos have 2 main methods of attack. One is through specially-manufactured artifact balls. These balls, fundamentally similar to the artifact balls held by artifact statues, are loaded with a powerful explosive. Torizos can create them almost instantly, releasing large volleys of them out of their mouth. The other attack is an energy wave attack. As they swing their arms, they ionize the air their hands pass through. In the middle of the arc, they fire an energy pulse forward. This energy pulse pulls the ionized air with it, but also expands to fill the ionized area. This creates a tall arc of energy that moves forward at high speed.

The Chozos were a bit too smart for their own good. The mixing of DNA from different Zebian species led to some unpredictable results in the Torizos. Some Torizos, due to interactions and mixing of DNA between different synthetic tissues, developed much more powerful abilities over the years than the Chozo intended. Their original programming was also corrupted. Instead of attacking unauthorized intruders, they attacked anyone who came in the room. They also ignored their order to wait until the artifact was taken, instead dropping the artifact and attacking immediately. They developed the ability to repel some Chozo attacks, and had improved reflexes allowing them to dodge some enemy attacks, or even catch them. They also developed limited reproduction ability, able to produce malformed creatures, a mix of different aspects of different creatures from Zebes as well as Torizo characteristics. They lack mechanical components, though. The offspring were completely psychotic from the random DNA mixing, they attacked anything that moved. They all soon died, though, as the problems with DNA cause their cells to destroy themselves. Most Torizos appear to have been terminated by the Chozo due to their unpredictability, but a few were left because the artifacts were too important to leave unprotected.