Name: Trilobite (try low bite)
Height: 0.3 m
Mass: 5 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Trilobite is a detritivore; it feeds on dead plant and animal matter. It is probably the most common and successful creature on Zebes, wherever there is life there is Trilobites. They have adapted to every environment imaginable, from the waters of Maridia to the fire of Norfair, from the lush vegetation of Brinstar to the decaying machinery of the Wrecked Ship. Trilobites are near the bottom of the Zebian food chain, most every predator eats Trilobites at some point in its life cycle. Because of this they are extremely timid, fleeing from the slightest motion.

Trilobites reproduce very quickly, they are asexual and each individual lays on average several hundred to a few thousand eggs in its lifespan. Most Trilobites never make it to maturity; many never even get a chance to hatch out of their eggs. Trilobites get around by flying; they use wings to move quickly from place to place. The wings work equally well in water, and Trilobites are common underwater in Maridia. Trilobites are eyeless, depending on smell to find food and sound to avoid predators.