Name: Tripper (tri per)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 45 kg
Planet's Found On: Zebes
Order: Oculus
Related Species: Beetom
Can be found in: Crateria, Norfair

Trippers may look like Rippers but they are actually related to the incredibly dangerous Beetoms, their resemblance to Rippers is purely superficial. Unlike Rippers, Trippers do have a brain, although it is extremely atrophied. The brain is used to actively maintain the Tripper's position and heading despite external forces. It is thought that the Trippers were genetically engineered by the Chozos from a Ripper-like organism, and then strategically placed throughout the planet as a form of transportation. The brain is used to actively maintain the Tripper's altitude when another creatures stand on its back (which is perfectly shaped for the task). Trippers, like Ripper II's produce hydrocarbons and use a sort of natural pulse-jet to control the combustion of the hydrocarbons, using them as a form of propulsion. Unlike Ripper II's, Trippers can control the direction of their jets, even redirect them down through another set of ducts on their bottom side to increase altitude. Trippers use a natural anti-gravity drive to keep themselves neutrally buoyant. Unlike Beetoms, Trippers reproduce asexually, giving birth to live young that rapidly grow to full size, taking up positions near their parents. The Tripper's single eye has multiple focal points, allowing them to see depth with only one eye. Trippers only use their eyes to detect altitude and avoid walls.