Name: Viola (vee yoe la)
Height: 0.7 m
Mass: 12 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Viola is the larval stage of the Multiviola. They form when Multiviola buds fall off. Like its relatives the Puyo and Boyon, the Viola is made of elastic hyphae tissue and feeds of the electricity produced by other life forms. This drain of electricity simply removes electrical potentials from muscles and nerves near the impact site, causing brief numbness and muscle weakness in the affected creature.

The Viola is the same size as the Multiviola, but has slightly denser tissue and a smaller air space inside its body. Also, Viola tissues are not as flexible and elastic as that of its adult form. That means the Viola cannot bounce, in fact it pretty much can't leave the ground at all. Instead, it moves around platforms in much the same way as the Geemer. It does this by pulling in tissues that touch rocks, creating a small vacuum and holding the Viola against rocks, even upside-down, much like a suction cup. By moving these small vacuums, the Viola can move along platforms at high speed. Its sensory systems are not well developed, like the Multiviola, and are not capable of detecting and chasing prey, so it has to impact prey by chance to feed.