Name: Wallfire
Height: 1.6m
Mass: 900 lbs
Homeworld: Believed to be SR388

During their brief settlement of SR388, the Chozo created a series of automatons to make their daily lives easier, to keep them company, to do difficult or dangerous work, and to guard and defend important sites and buildings. When the Chozo were forced to leave SR388 most of these automatons were left behind. Some of them deteriorated beyond repair while other continued their original programming or simply kept functioning without a purpose at all, becoming a hazard for the life of SR388 or any unfortunate visitor who might stable on these machines. The Wallfire droid fills the same place as the Sentinel system does in Galactic Police and military facilities and ships. Its basically a detection system connected to a weapons turret, programmed to react in case a hostile or unauthorized life form would come in its vicinity.

As the Chozo wanted their Wallfire droids to be undetectable when not active their engineers artistically gave them the appearance of a Chozo stone head which are usually placed in Chozo settlements to honor the ancestors and various castes of the Chozo society. Once activated, the Wallfire scans for any non Chozo life form that enters its reach after which it automatically locks on and fires the small plasma burst cannon it is equipped with on its target. Chozo engineers equipped the wallfire droid with energy dispersion armor for defense, but concentrated fire of an energy or kinetic weapon such as concussion missiles should be able to pierce the armor and damage or destroy the armor.