Name: Waver (way ver)
Height: 0.3 m
Wing Span: 1 m
Mass: 30 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Wavers are predatory, flying organisms that inhabit the upper levels of Zebes. It is most characterized by it two large anti-gravity organs on either side of its body and it spinning, wave-like flight pattern. It is an extremely fast organism, especially considering it has no chemical thrusters like many of the faster organisms on Zebes. It appears it gets all its thrust from the red, bulbous organ on its back.

The exact mechanism by which the organ works is unknown, but it is thought it might be a naturally occurring version of the space/time distortion hyperspace drive. Whatever the case may be, Wavers are one of the fastest creatures on Zebes. The spinning motion of the organs is thought to allow the creature to see what is next to it, since it cannot see around its large anti-gravity organs (each of which is significantly larger than the Waver's whole body). However, the reason for its waving flight pattern, which gave it its name, is still unknown. Both blue and red Wavers exist, but they are not significantly different physiologically, they are simply thought to be adaptive coloration for the region they live in. Wavers reproduce asexually, giving birth to live young that roost on the ceilings of caves until their antigravity organs are large enough to let them fly. Wavers can be seen patrolling corridors and caves for food.