Name: X ( X-Creature )
Height: .8m
Mass: 2 oz.
Homeworld: SR388

The X organism belongs to the order of Coalescent organisms, a category of micro organisms between those of cells and bacteria. This category of organism survives by bonding with other micro organisms, in time replacing its structure with their own as they absorb the host organism into their own, ‘becoming’ their host in the process as they absorb its DNA. So far no mentioning has been made of a Coalescent organism leaving the micro cosmos environment and entering the macro cosmos environment by the various Federation members. That was until the discovery of an Coalescent organism that had violently invaded the Biological Science Labs facility that was placed in high orbit around the planet SR388.

Code named the X organism by scientists of the Galactic Federation, this Coalescent organism like its in the micro cosmos living ‘relatives’ survives by bonding with other organisms. However the X organism has an instinctive urge to absorb more complex organisms in its surroundings. What starts with a few X that absorb nearby single celled life such as cells and amoebas, grows into a small colony that can infect larger life forms such as insects, small amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Once the growing X has absorbed these types of hosts and has added its DNA to its own, the colony starts actively hunting for larger hosts, By now the X colony has grown large enough to use its ability to become airborne. How this mechanism works is still a subject of debate amongst the Galactic Federation’s scientific community, as the X colony grows larger it might be able to organically generate an anti gravity field similar like those used by civilian and military vehicles and transports.

What is a concern is that the X also have the ability to copy their host’s behavior, memories and the ability to think in case the host was a sentient being, making the X sentient when they completely have absorbed their host. The X use this newfound intelligence to coordinate their numbers, while searching for new hosts for their fellow X to absorb. Intelligent X also perform planned out attacks on those who try to thwart X progress. Despite gaining the capability to think, the X members with intelligence can not be reasoned with, They only use it to supplement their instinct to increase their numbers. An X organism that has absorbed one of several hosts usually assumes the shape of it by activating this host’s genetic structure the X organism now carries within its own. This gives the X organism the strengths, but also weaknesses of the host. If necessary the X can use a process scientists call ‘Gene Swapping’ to connect other pieces of genetic material they absorbed to an existing genetic structure to give the shape the X organism assumes improved offensive or defensive abilities.

The X organism appear as a yellow gelatinous mass that continues to shift and shape all the time, floating through the air as it searches for possible hosts. X hunt by using various mechanisms depending on the environment it is in and what host or hosts it has absorbed prior. Either by sensing air molecule displacement caused by moving organisms, vibrations through the ground, scent, or detecting the bio - electrical current that is generating in every living being by the chemical interaction taking place inside cells and nervous system. Once a host is located by the X organism, it tries to enter it, using whatever crevices and weak spots such as feeding, hearing, breathing and/or smelling, reproduction, and major waste secretion opening it can find. The X organism can also enter a host through the pores in the host’s skin.

Unless witnessed of course, the host organism does not seem to be aware that it has been infected by the X organism. And depending on the type of organism infected it can continue to act normal from several hours to several days before symptoms of the infection become clear. Nausea, shivering, loss of body control, black outs and loss of consciousness are the first symptoms that a being infected by X goes through as the X organism infects the being’s nervous system to take over its host. Quick duplication of itself by absorbing the host’s cells follows and within several hours most internal organs and tissue cells have been taken over by X organisms mimicking these. By then the host is clinically dead as most of its physical structure consists of X.

Note: After the first recorded case of a human infected by X organisms, the scientific and medical division of the Galactic Federation were able to create a vaccine based on the cells of the X organism’s main predator, the energy based Metroid life form. Metroid cells can not be infected by the X organism and actually hunt down X organisms inside an infected host. If a victim is injected in time with the Metroid vaccine, the victim’s life can not only be saved but also gains permanent immunity against future X organism infections. Next to its ability absorb biological data such as DNA inside cells, the X organism is also capable of processing technical data through computer and network access ports. Through some unknown process or technique the X is even capable to make inorganic devices out of its own mass. The most complex X organism that was capable of this was the original SA - X organism that could recreate the complex Chozo technology based powered combat armor and weaponry it used, recreating these when dividing.

The existence of several varieties of X organism has been confirmed after the X organism outbreak on the Biological Space Lab facility in orbit around SR388. It is also clear that during their development X organisms gain new abilities or defenses. These mutations can vary in size and color, some of them can develop a protective spiked outer skin or the ability to fire weaponry in case they have absorbed weaponry information. With the appropriate technology these X can be converted to either energy, or devices according to the information they carry. A short description of every X organism, its abilities and what they convert into.

Yellow - These X are the primary X organisms and the most numerous. These can be converted to electrical energy that can power devices and weapons.

Green - These X mutations are less numerous but still in abundance than other X organisms. These can be converted into concussion missile ammunition.

White Blue - X organisms that have been exposed to extreme cold temperatures and have mutated to the point that they themselves are ice cold to the touch. These X can be converted to electrical energy that can power devices and weapons.

Red - Its not known what has altered this X organism type, but once converted they generate more energy than the yellow type.

Mega Core X - An X variety that has developed a strong secondary outer skin with spikes which it uses to attack other organisms. These type of X organisms usually contain complex device information that can be retrieved by converting the X organism.

Core X - A hard shelled X that has absorbed weapon technology or information and now is capable of using this weapon in its own structure. This weapon technology can be retrieved by converting the X organism.

An X organism that has assumed the shape of a former host, can be converted to its original form if enough offensive force such as weaponry is released on it. However specialized technology is required to capture or destroy an X organism in its original form. Metroid cells have proven to be successful in destroying X organism (mentioned in the cure part). Weaponry such as certain energy beam weaponry or concussion weaponry could be modified to carry Metroid cells, making these weapons again useful against X infected opponents. Millennia ago when the Chozo civilization was at its peak, the Chozo established several colonies and outposts throughout the galaxy on such worlds as Zebes and SR388. After being present several years on the planet, the Chozo noticed and observed a slowly developing biological catastrophe that threatened all the animal and plant life on the world.

The then relative unknown X organism was slowly becoming the most dominant organism by absorbing and feeding on all the animal and plant life without any limitation. In time this organism would destroy the entire biological balance through its urge to absorb all present life forms. The X organism even threatened the present Chozo colonists. Not wanting to risk the X organisms destroying all the life on SR388 and perhaps escaping into space through unexpecting ship crew, the Chozo set out to create a predator that could resist the X organism’s assimilation process and feed on them as well. The Metroid life form was the result. Having a genetic structure that the X could not infect and an immune system that actively hunted any X organism, the Metroid was the ultimate X hunter. When centuries later Space Hunter Samus Aran was contacted by the Galactic Federation to make the Metroid species extinct, the X organism was again climbing to the top of SR388’s biological hierarchy. If Space Hunter Samus Aran wasn’t forced to destroy the planet SR388 then by making the orbiting Biological Space Lab facility detonate within SR388’s atmosphere, the X would probably have destroyed all biological life on the planet’s surface.