Name: Yapping Maw (ya ping maw)
Height (Contracted): 1 m
Height (Extended): 4 m
Mass: 180 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Yapping Maw is an unusual organism. It is more closely related to the plants found on Zebes than the animals. It is incredibly closely related to the Cacatac, so closely that many believe that the Cacatac is actually the mobile, larval stage of the Yapping Maw, although the actual act of a Cacatac developing into a Yapping Maw has never been seen. This is understandable, as life forms on Zebes grow at incredible rates and there would only be a narrow window in which to witness this process. The Yapping Maw is also an incredibly dangerous organism, even though it is incapable of hurting creatures itself. It usually grows in areas with natural occurring hazards such as in mechanical or organic spines, in areas full of lava, and even inside Flowers (another related species). If no natural hazards are present Yapping Maws have been known to produce their own spines. However, these spines are devoid of living tissue and therefore do not die along with the Yapping Maw, making it seem as that they are naturally occurring.

The Yapping Maw appears small. When it senses an animal nearby, it reaches out surprisingly far and pulls that animal in, then drops it in the hazard. The Yapping Maw then waits for the hazard to kill the prey, pulling the prey back to the center if it tries to escape. These hazards are usually hard for the creature escape from, especially with the Yapping Maw trying to pull it back in. Yapping Maws have a very hard and thick protein shell over their entire bodies, pretty much no creature can harm them and pretty much no creature can escape their grasp. When the creature is dead, the Yapping Maw releases chemicals that dissolve the prey, and then absorb the chemicals, along with the now-liquid prey, back into its body. This supplements the normal chemoautotrophic reactions that feed the Yapping Maw. Yapping Maws reproduce by releasing clouds of tiny spores, but these spores have never been seen growing into anything.