Name: Zeb (zeb)
Height: 0.5 m
Mass: 9 kg
Planet's Found On: Zebes
Order: Loricatus
Related Species: Gamet, Ripper
Can be found in: Brinstar

The Zeb is a small, flying, hive creature. It is closely related to the Gamet, another hive creature. Zebs fly vertically out of pipes until they reach the level of an intruder, then fly straight at it. They attack intruders without mercy to protect their hive, ramming them with the hard horns in the front of their body. Zebs are small and cannot hit with much force. However, their horns contain a powerful neurotoxin, which is injected when they ram a creature. This it the reason for their red coloration, it is a warning to potential predators to stay away. They cannot change direction mid-flight without stopping first.

Zebs have anti-gravity units in their small bodies, meaning they are neutrally buoyant. Like the Ripper II's, they produce hydrocarbons and ignite them towards the rear of their body. They then funnel the explosion out through ducts, using it as a rocket to propel themselves forward. Zebs reproduce asexually, laying large numbers of eggs then leaving the eggs in the nest. All members of the population reproduce. The eggs are mixed up with one another so no individual can pick out its eggs. The babies are left to fend for themselves after hatching. Zebs take turns going out to collect food and staying behind to guard the collective nest. By defending the hive, they protect their own eggs as well as those of their neighbors. Zebs do not share food or take care of their babies directly, however, so they lack the normal organized hive mentality of other hive creatures. Zebs usually live in smaller hives and tend to only have a few openings to the hive. Nevertheless, they reproduce at an incredible rate and no predator could every hope to kill the creature quickly enough to take out a whole hive.