Name: Zebbo (ze bow/zee bow)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 14 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Zebbo is a small, flying creature on Zebes. It looks remarkably similar to the Terran bee. Like the bee, it is a hive creature, with many of them living in pipes like other most other hive creatures on Zebes. They live in vertical pipes. Warriors rise out of them when an intruder approaches. When they reach the intruder's level, then they fly straight at it. Warriors cannot change direction easily in flight, in order to change direction they have to slow to a very low speed. What makes Zebbos unique on Zebes is that they do not only live in pipes; they also live in holes in the ground and even Flowers. Zebbo hives are very similar to other hives on Zebes. They are generally burrowed out of the ground or found in Chozo pipe

Zebbo hives are huge, often with hundreds of adult members, and stretch for a great distance into the ground. They open in a few places so drones can go out and collect food. Sometimes these openings are in multiple rooms. The Zebbo hive has a caste system, caste being determined as eggs by treatment with hormones by the nurse caste. The caste that is usually seen is the warrior caste, which protects the hive from intruders. The worker caste collects small animals and insects for food, as well as any intruders killed by the warriors. The nurse caste takes care of the eggs, and also delivers the hormone treatment needed to
turn the eggs into whatever caste is needed. Then there is a caste of fertile males. Finally, the hive is usually led by one head queen and several subservient queens, which are the only fertile females in the hive. Queens are bloated and stationary. The fertile males take care of the queens and also mate with them, generally circulating between the queens to maintain genetic diversity. Member of the nurse, warrior, or worker caste can be either male or female, and are all sterile.

Each caste releases its own mix of pheromones. When all castes are at the correct proportions, the pheromone mix is correct and the nurses produce normal proportions of all castes. If one caste gets too low, the pheromone levels for that caste drops, and the nurses produce a higher percentage of that caste to compensate. Nurses have very sensitive pheromones receptors in their antenna and can detect discrepancies of only a couple members of a certain caste. Queens also regulate their egg output based on absolute pheromone concentration. The more individuals there are, the more the total pheromone concentration, and the more eggs that can be produced. This creates an incredibly efficient feedback loop maintaining the hive at peak efficiency. Eggs mature very rapidly, and the queens lay eggs very quickly, so quickly in fact that calculations indicate a healthy hive can reproduce faster than warriors attacking an intruder can be killed.