Name: Zeela (zee la)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 55 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The Zeela, although from a different lineage, evolved convergent with the Geemer. They live in similar ecological niches in their respective environments, and live similar lives. A Zeela simply walks in a repetitive manner around plant-encrusted ledges in its home, the jungles of Brinstar. It feeds on those plants as it walks. It appears oblivious to other creatures, even ignoring attackers. It has a hard shell that makes it a bit more resistant to predator attacks than the Geemer. Zeelas reproduce asexually, storing their eggs under their shells until the eggs hatch. When the eggs hatch, the babies scurry away and burrow into one of the larger plants in the area. They feed on this plant as they grow. When they are adult size and their shell has hardened, they burst out of the plant and begin their normal adult lives.