Name: Zero (zee row)
Height: 1 m
Mass: 136 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

The name of the Zero might have one of two possible origins. One is that it almost always leaves a power bomb behind when killed, which is a roughly circular object. The other is that the Zero is not a very dangerous creature. It looks sort of like a giant slug with armor. The armor is big and heavy, protecting Zeros from many predators on Zebes. More adapt predators have learned to pull apart Zeros at the joints of their armor, and then feed inside. Usually only larger predators like Sidehoppers can do this, however. To protect themselves,

Zeros produce a hard protein coat when sleeping that protects their whole body. The protein coat breaks down over a period of a few hours, and by the time the Zero is ready to wake up it is just weak enough to break out of. Within another hour it is completely gone. Zeros feed on plants as they crawl over them. As they walk, females insert eggs deep into the plant matter. As males crawl over the eggs they fertilize them. Females usually lay one egg at a time, keeping it well spaced from other eggs. The babies grow in the plant matter where they hatched until they are large enough for their armor to protect them, then burrow out of the plants and begin acting like adults. Zeros move by anchoring their back to the ground or wall with spines, then extending their body. They then grip the ground under their front with spines and release the back, then contract their body. By repeating this they can move at a reasonable pace.