Name: Zoa (zoe a)
Height: 0.4 m
Mass: 7 kg
Homeworld: Zebes

Zoas are small, colonial creatures from Maridia. They live in large nests made inside quicksand beds. The nests lack any sort of organizational structure or hierarchy; all members participate in all nest activities. Zoas are sexual, females laying eggs in the nest. The eggs hatch very quickly and the babies are at a very early stage in development, they require constant care from members of the nest. The eggs are all laid together, and the babies are moved to nursery as soon as they hatch. There they are taken care of by the adults. Adults take turns guarding the nest, working the nursery, and feeding.

Babies are fed on a special amino acid, carbohydrate, and mineral mix produced by both genders. It has the exact chemicals needed for the babies to grow. Zoas feed on small animals that live in the mud and plant matter found in the swamps of Maridia. They have two modes of movement. By waving their tail, they can move slowly and discretely through the water. If they need speed, or if they are trying to attack an intruder, they fold themselves in half. This forms their body into a tube, with a hole on either side where they fold themselves and another towards their head. By waving small fins on the base of their tails, they can move the water quickly out the back of the tube, forming a sort of jet propulsion that moves them backwards pretty quickly for their small size. When folded, the back of their carapace forms a sharp spike that they ram into intruders to defend the nest.