Astrological database


Space facilities/command ships 


-B.S.L. Research Station


-Celestial Archives, The


-Ceres Space Colony


-G.F.S. Olympus


-G.F.S. Valhalla


-Leviathan Organism


-Vesper Defense Outpost


places of interest          


-Oubilette, The


-Planet Aliehs III

-Planet Alinos


-Planet Arcterra


-Planet Bilium


-Planet Corella V


-Planet K2-L


-Planet Ooromine II


-Planet Twin Tabula

The ensuing records have been delineated by antecedent and persisting scientific consortia across the recognized expanse of Federation space. They have been compiled herein to function as a foundational repository of information, contributing to the comprehension of particular celestial bodies pertinent to the Galactic Federation's overarching interests allowing expeditionary teams access to data to complete their assignments, specifically interest in the recent discovery of the Metroid lifeform.

-diagnostic commands


-DATABASE engines  

-subsystem commands