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Astrological database / planet Aether


 name  Aether


 classification   XXI Planet


 location  Dasha region


 discovery date  2XX4


 mass  5.6 billion teratons


 size  32,000,000 radi


 known sattelites  None


 atmospheric anaylsis  Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

 distinct features 

Aether boasts a dual nature with Light and Dark Aether, showcasing stark environmental contrasts. Phazon corruption in Dark Aether results in mutated life forms and hazardous landscapes. The planet's Luminoth civilization, advanced technology, and interdimensional portals contribute to an immersive and diverse exoplanetary experience.

   planetary history             

Aether is a celestial body subject to the gravitational influence of two competing forces vying for dominion over its entirety. Positioned within the confines of the Dasha region, it resides within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Galactic Federation, yet persists in a state of relative remoteness. Historically settled by the Luminoth, a race of enlightened beings akin to the Chozo, Aether was meticulously terraformed to harmonize with its natural surroundings until an unavoidable collision with a Phazon-laden meteor altered its geography and precipitated a cataclysmic energy release. This release led to a spatial-temporal schism, dividing Aether into distinct Dark and Light Worlds.


   planetary geology             


A significant portion of Aether's terrain exhibits pronounced elevation, characterized by extensive mountainous features, deep ravines, cliffs, and distinctive rock formations. The preeminent feature of the planet is the coexistence of a "dark" parallel dimension alongside the conventional "light" realm, a phenomenon initiated by the impact of a Phazon-infused meteor. Within this dimension, matter and energy sourced from the "light" realm undergo rapid corrosion due to the atmospheric conditions. This observation prompts speculation regarding the Dark World's composition as an antimatter-dominated universe, informed by the well-established principle that the annihilation of matter and antimatter results in the exclusive generation of photons. This proposed scenario likely underlies the corrosive effects witnessed in Dark Aether, where antimatter particles continually interact with energy and objects from the matter-based Light World upon entry, manifesting as a corrosive process.


   biological assessment        

In its pristine state, Aether supports a diverse array of ecosystems encompassing wetlands, including bogs, swamps, and marshlands, as well as an expansive desert terrain. The pre-impact wasteland, once a flourishing grassy plain and habitat for a substantial biodiversity, underwent transformation following the meteor collision. Overall, the biotic components on Aether align with expectations for a Class XXI planetary classification. In stark contrast, life within the realm of "dark Aether" exhibits a distinct and aberrant character, manifesting as twisted and malevolent renditions of its luminous counterpart. The noxious composition of the atmosphere in this shadowed domain serves as a deterrent to lifeforms ill-suited to its deleterious conditions, fostering an evolutionary trajectory marked by heightened harshness and cruelty.