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Astrological database / planet ALIEHS III


 name  Aliehs III


 classification  VII Planet


 location  Daylon Region


 discovery date  XX24


 mass  1.4 billion teratons


 size  12,000,000 radi


 known sattelites  3 Moons


 atmospheric anaylsis  Carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, helium traces.


 distinct features  

Aliehs III serves as the primary shipyard facility for the Galactic Federation. Its distinctive features include vast and advanced ship construction docks, where the Federation's formidable fleet takes shape amidst the celestial expanse. The planet's prominence lies in its role as the nexus of technological innovation, embodying the Federation's strategic prowess.

  planetary history             


Throughout successive Galactic Federation eras, the strategic utilization of proximate planetary bodies for production and manufacturing has been a cornerstone of operational efficiency. In the initial phases of the Galactic Federation's existence, the Daylon Region hosted a diminutive celestial body that emerged as an optimal candidate for such endeavors. Populated by the Ji'mri, an exceptionally intelligent species, the planet swiftly evolved into a hub for advanced ship construction. Within a compressed temporal span, Aliehs III became the primary source of spacecraft integrated into the Federated fleets, prompting Federation Command to fortify the planetary vicinity with synthetic planetoids equipped with MK VIII Icarus turrets. Secured by these defenses, the Ji'mri exhibited ingenuity by consistently enhancing ship designs, drawing inspiration from ancient Chozo artifacts and covertly integrating innovative methodologies into Federated crafts.


  planetary geology             


Aliehs III, characterized by aesthetic natural beauty, exhibits lush, green landscapes adorned with colossal mesas enveloped in expansive vine-like vegetation known as "King Vines." Harnessing inspiration from this organic magnificence, the Ji'mri strategically established production facilities, manifested in colossal platforms extending miles into the planet's crust and supported by geothermal power cables that ascend towards orbiting space platforms. These platforms collectively form a protective shield enveloping the planet, with more than 5,000 manufacturing bays distributed across diverse orbital trajectories. A colossal inland sea, centrally positioned in the upper hemisphere, serves dual purposes, acting as a reservoir for hydrogen energy extraction to power the orbital stations and contributing to the planet's ecological harmony.


  biological assessment        


Adhering to a sanctified edict, the Ji'mri confined all construction and manufacturing endeavors to the planetary exosphere, preserving Aliehs III from technological encroachment. The planet, thriving untouched by industrialization, experiences frequent moisture showers due to abundant vegetation, constituting elemental prerequisites for life. The jungles of Aliehs III serve as habitats for an extensive array of life forms, fostering the emergence of colossal and majestic creatures like the Rynd, akin to the Geruta of Zebes. Intriguingly, individual forests house distinct ecosystems, and myriad organisms, including the Ji'mri, have adapted to the "King Vines" as natural urban centers. Within the sole planetary sea, diverse swarms of creatures gravitate towards the planet's core, forming a harmonious ecosystem sustained by thermal dynamics.