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Astrological database / planet ELYSIA


 name  Elysia


 classification   XII Planet


 location  Emperean Region


 discovery date  2X45


 mass  2.8 billion teratons


 size  32,720,000 radi


 known sattelites  None


 atmospheric anaylsis  Helium, oxide compounds, xenon, krypton, nitrogen, with carbon and methane traces.

 distinct features 

Elysia is a gas giant with distinctive antigravity-levitated artificial continents. These suspended landmasses, a marvel of advanced Chozo engineering, are enveloped by a gaseous atmosphere, contributing to the planet's unique and visually striking appearance. Elysia's status as a gas giant with floating continents presents an intriguing subject for further scientific exploration and analysis.

  planetary history             


Elysia, situated in an isolated sector of space, intrigues observers with its blend of technological sophistication and aesthetic allure. The cosmic region surrounding the planet is adorned with expansive nebula fields, postulated to be remnants from the system's early formation, illuminated by solar winds from the proximate star, Edena. The extraordinary Skytown, an airborne Chozo research facility, served as a nexus for cosmic exploration, housing interconnected floating pods equipped with advanced instruments for surveying the celestial expanse. Over time, the relentless planetary winds necessitated the creation of the Elysians, a synthetic race of virtual intelligence, to assist in maintenance and exploration endeavors. The alliance with the Federation, marked by the installation of Aurora Unit 242, represents a significant chapter in Elysia's history, fostering mutual knowledge exchange and coordination efforts.


Despite the alliance, Elysia faced adversity when Space Pirates targeted the planet, introducing a lethal leviathan seed containing Phazon. The subsequent scientific response involved the application of a thermonuclear device to thwart the Space Pirates and restore stability. Presently, Elysia, with the assistance of Aurora Unit 242, is undergoing a recovery process.



  planetary geology             


Elysia's atmospheric conditions are defined by constant moisture, leading to captivating cloud formations in the upper atmosphere owing to high planetary pressures. The diverse compounds in the atmosphere contribute to a dynamic spectrum of cloud colorations, ranging from serene pastels to deep blues and purples. Skytown, a testament to Chozo ingenuity, stands as an enduring symbol of technological prowess.


  Biological assessment        


While biological life is not prominently observed on Elysia, Federation studies reveal the presence of essential compounds for advanced life, though their absence remains enigmatic. This void is effectively filled by the Elysians, sentient machines created by the Chozo, which continue to evolve and diversify through self-improvement and the establishment of societal roles. The Federation, facilitated by Aurora Unit 242, remains committed to maintaining peaceful knowledge and technology exchanges with the Elysians, contributing to ongoing diplomatic endeavors.