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Astrological database / planet Norion


 name  Norion


 classification   XVII Planet


 location  Kalandor Sector


 discovery date  2X3X


 mass  4.1 billion teratons


 size  40,000,000 radi


 known sattelites  None


 atmospheric anaylsis  Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen due to extensive atmospheric terraformation.

 distinct features  

Norion presents distinctive planetary features indicative of meticulous terraforming efforts. The landscape reveals expansive and thriving forests, serving as a testament to successful ecological engineering initiatives. These lush terrestrial environments contribute to the overall biodiversity of Norion, rendering it an intriguing subject for further scientific exploration and analysis.

  planetary history             


In the waning stages of the expansion era, Federation survey teams uncovered a heretofore uncharted Class XVII planet at the periphery of the Kalandor Sector, an outermost realm of Federated space. Recognizing its potential as a strategic outpost for future expansion initiatives, the planet, christened Norion, was swiftly designated for comprehensive terraformation. Under the meticulous oversight of Aurora Unit 486, Gaia-Class terraformation modules were strategically deployed over the course of a decacycle, transforming the originally inhospitable environment into a thriving ecosystem capable of sustaining life. Witnessing the success of this ambitious undertaking, evidenced by the proliferation of primitive lichen and subsequent forested regions, Norion became the cornerstone of Federation military operations in the region, notably fortified within its intricate canyons and ravines.


This strategic importance did not escape the attention of the Space Pirates, led by the infamous Ridley, who orchestrated a diversionary attack on the military outposts. Simultaneously, a colossal Leviathan seed sought planetfall during the ensuing chaos. Thanks to the decisive actions of operatives like Samus Aran, Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas, Norion was spared from the imminent threat of Phazon infection.



  planetary geology             


Norion boasts an intricate network of colossal canyons that crisscross the planetary surface, notably exemplified by the Lauran Survey canyon, descending to depths of up to 3.8 km—a remarkable feature for a Class XVII planet, likely remnants of an ancient ocean. Post-terraformation, expansive coniferous forests, reminiscent of those on Planet Fest, now dominate the planet's landscape. Localized polar regions have formed along magnetic poles due to rapid cooling facilitated by atmospheric projectors.


  Biological assessment        


Devoid of indigenous life, Norion's past, potentially characterized by a vast ocean, remains speculative, lacking concrete evidence in the form of discovered fossils. The contemporary biosphere comprises transplants from the terraforming initiative, notably sourced from Planet Fest. The convergence of environmental characteristics post-terraformation renders Norion an intriguing subject for ongoing interdisciplinary investigations and comparative planetary studies.