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Astrological database / planet Ooromine II


 name  Ooromine II


 classification  XIII Planet


 location  FS-176 System


 discovery date  1X80


 mass  2.3 billion teratons


 size  14,000,000 radi


 known sattelites  1 Moon


 atmospheric anaylsis  Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen trace gases.


Quaratined: Rapid planetary degridation induced by a nuclearn chain reaction has rendered the planet inhospitable //          

 distinct features  

Ooromine II, a celestial wasteland, endures as an inhospitable realm marked by perpetual nuclear dust storms and unceasing seismic upheavals. The planet's landscape is consistently shrouded in radioactive dust, rendering it unsuitable for habitation due to the hostile conditions created by colossal storms laden with radioactive particulates. Amidst the continuous seismic activity, Ooromine II stands as a testament to an environment where the convergence of nuclear storms and geological turbulence intertwine, establishing an unwavering barrier to sustained life.

  planetary history             


Ooromine II, initially discovered by the Dhutal species and later integrated into the Galactic Federation, became embroiled in a catastrophic conflict that led to its nuclear holocaust. The Dhutal's allegiance to the Space Pirate Confederacy strained the planet's relationship with the Federation, triggering a protracted period of debate and diplomatic efforts to sway the Dhutal toward the Federation's peaceful alliance. In response to the Dhutal's acceptance of the Federation, the Space Pirates, feeling betrayed, launched a fleet of war frigates in orbit over Ooromine II. The ensuing war between Galactic Federation forces and the Space Pirates unfolded fiercely, marked by strategically fought battles that eventually broke the Pirate's main lines in the southern hemisphere. As the Space Pirates faced imminent defeat and depletion of reinforcements, they executed a ruthless measure to ensure the Dhutal would never become Federation allies. Releasing a colossal barrage of nuclear weaponry, including the untested "Flatline" series, the Space Pirates unleashed unparalleled destruction upon Ooromine II, leading to a cataclysmic nuclear holocaust that left the planet devastated and radiated.


The aftermath of the Space Pirates' orchestrated nuclear devastation on Ooromine II was profound, leaving lasting scars on the planet's climate, weather system, and seismic activity. The resulting fallout not only claimed countless lives but also irreversibly altered the planetary conditions. The Federation, in a desperate attempt to mitigate the catastrophe, evacuated survivors, but the scale of the casualties was staggering. Ooromine II, once a thriving planet, became a charred ruin, its ecosystems transformed and its very weather and seismic dynamics permanently disrupted by the unprecedented nuclear onslaught orchestrated by the Space Pirates.



  planetary geology             


Before its tragic demise, Ooromine II boasted distinctive features that showcased its ecological richness and the ingenuity of the Dhutal civilization. The planet's expansive climate was characterized by heightened humidity, a phenomenon sustained by its numerous shallow seas. Along the shores of these seas, the Dhutal had established thriving civilizations, marked by sprawling cities and industrial complexes that reflected their advanced technological prowess. The strategic placement of these settlements showcased a symbiotic relationship with the planet's topography, creating a harmonious coexistence between the Dhutal and their celestial abode.


The lifeblood of Ooromine II's ecosystems pulsated within its warm, shallow seas, where an array of sea fauna had adapted to the planet's heightened humidity. The proliferation of plant life was so abundant that vast swaths of land were virtually choked by the diversity of flora. These remarkable adaptations extended to locomotive means, with certain plant species evolving pseudo legs for movement. In the intricate tapestry of Ooromine II's terrestrial and aquatic realms, life flourished in a symphony of interconnected ecosystems. However, the devastating war with the Space Pirates laid waste to these once-thriving features, transforming them into haunting remnants of a bygone era.


  biological assessment        


Prior to the catastrophic events orchestrated by the Space Pirates, Ooromine II's surface was a testament to the abundance of life that had adapted to the planet's unique environmental conditions. Sea fauna, having evolved to thrive on land due to elevated humidity, populated the terrestrial landscapes in staggering numbers. The intricate interplay between flora and fauna resulted in vast expanses of land covered in diverse vegetation, with certain plant species showcasing adaptive evolution through locomotive pseudo legs.


The warm shallow seas were teeming with a vibrant spectrum of aquatic life, among which the Giant Emperor Urchina stood as a notable and majestic inhabitant. Unfortunately, the flourishing ecosystems of Ooromine II became collateral damage in the conflict between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates. The once-teeming landscapes and thriving ecosystems succumbed to the devastating impact of nuclear warfare, leaving behind a somber tableau of desolation and ruin. Ooromine II, once a testament to the resilience and diversity of life, now stands as a poignant reminder of the irreversible consequences of interstellar conflict on celestial bodies.