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Astrological database / SPACE PIRATE HOMEWORLD


 name  SN-883 (Urtraghus)

 classification   IVV Planet

 location  Wild Space (Tango Regent)

 discovery date  Unknown

 mass  3.3 billion teratons

 size  29,700,000 radi

 known sattelites  None

 atmospheric anaylsis  Methane, sulfuric compounds, carbon-90, trace oxygen and hydrogen.


warining // over industrialization has caused the planet's  atmosphere has become highly corrosive. Class XI protection is required //                                                   

 distinct features 

The planet is characterized by its stark and foreboding aesthetic, with expansive, metallic structures seamlessly integrated into the desolate landscape. Notably, the planet boasts advanced technological defenses, including intricate security systems and formidable robotic guardians, reflecting the Space Pirates' commitment to fortification and secrecy. The pervasive atmosphere of hostility is further accentuated by the planet's strategic location, serving as a central hub for the Space Pirates' nefarious operations

  planetary history             


The Space Pirate Homeworld's historical narrative remains shrouded in limited knowledge, owing to its strategic placement in a remote, secluded expanse of the galaxy, impervious to all but sanctioned military endeavors. Even with access to decrypted Space Pirate codes derived from Tallon IV, the extensive and labyrinthine nature of the surrounding spatial sector prolonged the investigation into the origins of this elusive realm. The breakthrough occurred amidst the Space Pirates' widespread assault on Federated worlds, notably Norion, prompting Federation scientists to pinpoint the Homeworld's location within the uncharted Tango Sector of Wild Space, allowing for the Federation's inaugural surprise assault.


Further investigations revealed that the Space Pirates were among the initial planets to willingly succumb to the consumption of a Leviathan seed from Phaaze, establishing a local and sustainable source of phazon for their ongoing experimentation with this volatile substance.

A prevailing hypothesis posits that the Space Pirate Homeworld, while bearing the nomenclature of a singular domicile, may not be the exclusive origin of these notorious spacefaring marauders. Rather, compelling evidence suggests that the Homeworld serves as but one among an array of celestial conquests annexed by the Space Pirates. The sheer magnitude of their territorial expansion is attested by the Homeworld's remote location within the vast Tango Sector of Wild Space, strategically situated away from the prying eyes of intergalactic authorities.



  planetary geology             


The planetary geology of the Space Pirate Homeworld has undergone a profound metamorphosis, a testament to the Space Pirates' industrial might and their imposition of technological dominion over the natural landscape. In its earlier epoch, the Homeworld boasted a diverse and ecologically vibrant terrain, featuring expansive land masses interwoven with intricate water systems and flourishing flora. Geological formations bore witness to the intricate interplay of sedimentary processes and tectonic activities, constructing a dynamic geological history that encapsulated the planet's natural evolution.


The ascension of Space Pirate dominion, however, ushered in an era of radical transformation in the Homeworld's geological makeup. The once-diverse topography has yielded to colossal metallic canyons, obliterating the planet's original geological features. This architectural uniformity, emblematic of the Space Pirates' relentless pursuit of industrialized perfection, extends both above and below the surface, erasing the planet's natural geological heritage in favor of a highly fortified and specialized infrastructure.


Compounding this alteration is the relentless onslaught of severe weather conditions and pervasive pollution that defines the present state of the Space Pirate Homeworld. The atmosphere is laden with pollutants, casting a spectral pall over the once-pristine skies. The deleterious effects of this contamination manifest in tumultuous weather patterns, marked by ferocious storms and erratic climatic phenomena. The planet's surface, once teeming with ecological diversity, now bears the scars of industrial exploitation and environmental degradation, serving as a stark reminder of the Space Pirates' callous manipulation of both geological and atmospheric elements in their unyielding pursuit of dominance.


  biological assessment        


The indigenous species of the planet were systematically eradicated, subjected to transformative alterations through the implementation of Space Pirate meta-technology. Intriguingly, the Space Pirates' intergalactic ventures inadvertently facilitated the introduction of non-native species to their world, with only the most resilient adapting to the hostile conditions, evolving novel and formidable natural defenses to endure and proliferate amidst the toxic environment.